Spin2000 Spin Coater(Coating)

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DescriptionSpin 2000 is a new generation of spin coating equipment with the features of high precision and high speed, active speed regulation and multi stage program control during the filming process.
Main ApplicationSpin2000 Spin Coater is mainly used for surface coating, the fields included microelectronics, semiconductor, plate making, new energy, bio materials, optics technology, such as various types of Nano film materials, photoresist coating, bio functional coating, semiconductor wafer, slide, wafer, substrate, LED, photovoltaic industry, ITO conductive glass and preparation process.

The split-type design not only can be used alone, but also be placed in the glove box.

FeaturesThe spin coater is acid spray treated, which is corrosion resistance and can keep the machine from rust, easy clean.

Vacuum chamber is made of 316L corrosion resistant stainless steel to prevent the machine from gel erosion after a long period of time working

The glue tray is made of PP material with finishing, which is used for catching the liquid from the substrate avoiding entering the inner part of the equipment. Corrosion resistant, removable, easy to clean.

The rotary table is made of aluminum material, the surface is treated by hard oxidation, and the friction is avoided. Prevent from corrosion by gel.

Fully automatic segmentation program control in the filming process. The whole filming process can be divided into nine sections(max), in each section, the acceleration time, rotation speed, filming time can be precisely controlled and continuously adjusted.

4.3-inch LCD touch screen makes the control more convenient; the running state and the parameters are displayed in real time;

Before rotary, adding the step of pre-suction, the pre-suction time will be less than 99s to ensure that the substrate is firmly adsorbed on the rotary table and then rotate. The desorption time is up to 99S, so as to ensure the safety stop and then cut off the vacuum, release the substrate, prevent the substrate from slipping and damage

The use of precision and stability of the DC motor and driver, the rotation speed of the active control mode, which is different from the backward passive speed control mode, so that more accurate rotation speed.

The standard oil-free vacuum pump, low noise. The substrate is tightly adsorbed on the rotary table by the large suction force and avoid the clip flying away.

SpecificationRange of speed:400~8000 rpm

Speed regulation precision:1rpm

Acceleration time in each stage:1~99 s

filming time in each stage:1~99 s

Pre-suction time:1~99 s

desorption time:1~99 s

filming size:5-100mm

Vacuum pumping rate:60L/min



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